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Probiogenics ® : A new system for intestinal/immune health




Probiogenics recently became the most popular concept of gastro-intestinal tract health in Japan. In addition to the familiar Probiotics and Prebiotics, the new idea of Biogenics (Postbiotics) has also become mainstream. All three components have been combined to form the Probiogenics® system. This innovative system achieves more direct, significantly enhanced, and even faster performance in countering allergies and improving the immune system. Biogenics (Postbiotics) is a group of substances first proposed by Dr. Mitsuoka Tomotari of Japan, a leading specialist in the research of intestinal microflora. “Biogenics (Postbiotics) are biologically active substances derived from the products of probiotics that benefit human health”, and they are mainly composed of probiotic bacteria cell and metabolites. Biogenics (Postbiotics) include not only organic acids, but also unique components found in cell walls like peptides, polysaccharides, DNA, and fatty acids. Biogenics (Postbiotics) can change the ecology of intestinal microflora, more importantly, they can quickly take action to counter allergies and improve the immune system due to their small molecular size.


The term "Biogenics (Postbiotics)" was chosen for acknowledging its difference from Probiotics and Prebiotics. While Probiotics employ live bacteria cultures and Prebiotics use non-digestible foods such as fiber to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, Biogenics (Postbiotics) uses bacteria cell wall, metabolites and its active ingredients to do the work of both. In addition, Biogenics (Postbiotics) can generate synergy effect with Probiotics and Prebiotics to form a new, better and faster system- Probiogenics!


For more details: https://www.probiogenics.com/en/