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2019 Exhibitions & Seminars:

Look forward to seeing you at Bio ASIA/Taiwan, Vitafoods Asia, Healthplex and Fi Asia in 2019!



Jan. 22, 2019: Chambio's Glutathione product " GuGanTai GSH Capsule" was certified by TFDA as Health Food (Cert. A00368) for liver protection.



The main functional ingredient in this product is KOHJIN's OPITAC Glutathione (GSH) with Authorized Health Claims: "Liver Protection"



Thank you for visiting our booth at Healthplex Expo/NPC 2018 Shanghai, SupplySide China 2018 and Bio Taiwan 2018. Looking forward to seeing you at Vitafoods Asia (Sept. 11~12).

April 2018: Chambio works with DSM to promote DSM's nutritional dietary ingredients

life's™OMEGA 45 Alga DHA/EPA

NEW MEG-3® Ultra Fish Oil

ALL-Q™ CoQ10

Fruitflow®  Tomato Extract

elaVida™ Olive Polyphenols

PeptoPro® Casein Peptides

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2018 Exhibitions & Seminars: June 28~30, SupplySide China 2018 in Guangzhou, Chambio is one of the Major Sponsors of the show.

Look forward to seeing you at SupplySide China 2018!



2017 Exhibition & Seminar: Jun. 29~Jul. 2, Bio Taiwan

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Chambio's Booth



Bioiberica: Ms. Ester Costa Larrión

Kemin: Ms. Angela Shie

2017 Exhibition: Jun. 20~22, Fi Asia-China 


2017 Exhibition and Seminar: Jun. 20~22, Fi Asia-China, Jun. 29~ Jul. 2, 2017, Bio Taiwan 2017 


Jan. 24, 2017: Chambio's probiogenic product " L. plantarum L-137 Capsule" was certified by TFDA as Health Food (Cert. A00322) for immune modulation.
Qualified Health Claims:
  • Promote macrophage activation
  • Promote natural killer cell activation
  • Reduce Th2 type cytokine secretion


Kohjin launched its trademark of "OPITAC" in order to enhance its recognition.


Some illegal suppliers use Kohjin's official document to provide false material in some areas . In order to solve this problem, Kohjin decided to launched its new trademark accompanied with strict authorization of new trademark policy now.


Not only by its trademark , but you can also check its certificate of original. According to Taiwn FDA's announcement No 10413085 , all food and raw material which are made in Japan, you should enclose its certificate of origin, even though you import them through other countries.


That is why you should have concerns about your Glutathione source without its Official Certificate of origin (included detail manufacturing location in Japan) issued by Japanese Government.


Because only Kohjin's Glutathione from Torula Yeast is the legal Glutathione ingredient and be approval by Taiwan FDA. Whether Glutathione is from the enzymatic synthesis or from Bakery Yeast, both of their safety data are not approved by Taiwan FDA and can not apply in finished food products in Taiwan.


TFDA approval on Glutathione from torula yeast



Sept. 20~21, 2016: Seminar "New and Innovative Functional Ingredients for 2017" cosponsored by Chambio,Kemin, House Wellness Food, Kohjin Life Science.
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June 21, 2016: Chambio's "Probiogenics" was chosen as "Top 10 Innovative Health Products" at FIA China 2016.

Food Ingredients Asia-China 2016, June 21~23, Chambio invites you!
February 2016: Asia Pacific Food Industry (APFI) reports Chambio's innovative "Probiogenics" system.

A Healthy Gut For Happiness

By Michelle Cheong


Biogenics To ‘Probiogenics’

Since there already is an integrated version of pre- and probiotics, would a mixture of all three (prebiotics, probiotics and biogenics) be even better in maintaining or improving gastrointestinal health? One company, Chambio Company Limited, ventured into creating exactly this to target intestinal and immune system health.

Combining all three aspects of probiotics, prebiotics and biogenics, the company’s Probiogenics is an innovative system which they claim is more stable and effective than original probiotics.




November 2015: TFDA approved Mobilee (Rooster Comb Extract  with high HA) for food application.

Natural Hyaluronic acid from rooster comb

TFDA gave Chambio approval on Mobilee as a food ingredient.

September 2015: Fi Asia- Bangkok
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Fi Asia 2015 Chambio

July 2015: Bio Taiwan

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Co-exhibitors: KEMIN, KOHJIN, House Wellness Foods

March 2015: Seminar

Chambio and Kemin jointly hold a seminar on March 26, 2015 at Le Meridien Taipei launching Neumentix Spearmint Extract.

December 2014: New product

KEMIN Neumentix™ Spearmint Polyphenols Complex

Chambio introduced Kemin’s Neumentix ™ Phenolic Complex K110-42, a proprietary ingredient sourced from patent-pending, non-GMO lines of Kemin Industries' own purpose-grown spearmint. In a human clinical trial, Neumentix was shown to help improve working memory and cognitive performance in older adults. In addition, Neumentix has also been shown to help people fall asleep faster and easier at night. By increasing cognitive performance and improving sleep, Neumentix helps revitalize mind and body and enhance quality of life.

December 2014: New product

KEMIN XSurge™ Tea Polyphenols Complex

Water extraction without solvent
XSURGE™ is a water-extracted unique formula of tea polyphenols and theaflavins that works as a recovery ingredient for athletes and other active individuals. This proprietary formula has clinically shown complementary nutritional benefits to decrease oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, attenuate muscle soreness, and minimize post-activity losses in stength and power, associated with exercise.

December 2014: New product

Natural Hyaluronic acid from Chicken (Rooster) Comb

Mobilee® is a rooster comb extract, rich in hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and collagen.
A proprietary natural ingredient with a unique composition that has demonstrated that improves joint mobility and muscular strength. This product has been tested for efficacy and quality. It is the only product available that has received FDA-GRAS (GRN000491) notification, won the EU novel foods approval, gained numerous patents in the US and EU, and supported by vast researches.

December 2014: New product

Native (Undenatured) Type-2 Collagen from Chicken Sternal Cartilage

Chambio supplies undenatured Type-2 Collagen from a major European pharmaceutical company. This product has been tested for efficacy, its quality and safety are assured.

December 2014: New product

Natural SOD-Like Extract from NONI fruits

The activity of SOD-Like Extract from NONI has been tested and confirmed by a third laboratory.

December 2014: New product

Natural Ceramide from Corn

Corn germ extract (contains natural ceramide) from Japan.

2014 Biotechnology Expo

2014 Bio Taiwan (July 24, 2014)

We sincerely invite you to visit us at the 2014 Bio Taiwan. We will showcase our latest health products and their applications. Our professional development team will also provide consultative services to help you apply and integrate our health products. We cordially welcome your presence at this event.