Branded Products

Brand value is built on extensive scientific research and supporting literatures, sufficient safety data, and reliable quality assurances.


FloraGLO® (Marigold Free form Lutein)

World Best Lutein Ingredient from Kemin Industries USA, Supported by Over 80+ Clinical Trials & 20+ Years of Research



OPTISHARP®/ ZeaONE® (Marigold Free form Zeaxanthin )™

The Best Partner with FloraGLO® for Advanced Care, Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS 2) Recommended, Made by Kemin Industries USA



MEG-3® (Fish Oil/Powder)

Most Trusted Brand of Fish Oil, High-Quality & Pure Sourced of Omega-3 DHA/EPA Supplement



life's DHA® (Algae DHA Oil/Powder)

Vegetarian DHA, Algal Supplement, 100 Clinical Studies (Martek) Supported, 99% USA Infant Formula Used



life's OMEGA® (Algae Omega-3 Oil)

NEXT Version of DSM life's DHA®, High Concentration of Vegetarian Omega-3 DHA+EPA Contained



Neumentix® (Spearmint Phenolic Complex)

USA Made Phenolic Compound Extracted from Patented Species of Spearmint, Help on the Focus and Learning Ability



KUROMANIN® (Black Bean Anthocyanin)

JAPAN Patented Ingredient from Black Bean, Active Anthocyanin “Cyanidin-3-Glucoside”3 Times Higher than Common Bilberry Extract, Used for Advanced Care with Lutein & Zeaxanthin

KOHJIN OPITAC® (L-Glutathione)

JAPAN Made Food Grade Glutathione (GSH), Original from non-GMO Torula Yeast, 100% Safe & Edible, Supported by Patents & Clinical Data



AlgaMEG-3® (Algal Omega-3 Oil & Powder)

Microencapsulation Spray Drying Algae Oil, Rich in DHA+EPA, Cultivated by Close Bioreactor



AlgaRED® (Vegetal Krill Oil Analogue Powder)

World ONLY Algae Oil Powder Rich in DHA+EPA+10X Astaxanthin, Allergy & Pollutant FREE



NattoPure™ (B. subtilis natto culture)

High Level Nattokinase Activity 20,000Fu/g with JFRL Test Report, Low Level of Natto Smell

OmegAsta™ (Antarctic Krill Oil)

New Zealand Made Krill Oil from Pure Antarctic Ocean, Extracted by Supercritical Fluid, Oil Protected by Nitrogen Flushed



Capros® (Amla Phenol)

A Powerful (ORACFN of 47,000 µmoles TE/g) & Long Lasting Antioxidant from the Super Fruit “Phyllanthus emblica”, FDA-GRAS, Kosher and Halal Certificated


KetoMaster® KetoMaster® (70% MCT Oils Powder)

Taiwan Made Top Quality Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oils) from Coconut Oil, Processed by Special Spray Dried Technology, Extened Shelf Life, 100% Carbon Hydrate FREE, Extremely Suitable for Ketogenic Diet

Mobilee® (Hyaluronic Acid)

Food Grade Natural Form HA Extracted from Rooster Comb, Patents & Clinical Data Supported, Made by European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer



b-2Cool® (Native Type II Bone Collagen )

Undenatured Type-2 Bone Collagen from Chicken Sternal Cartilage, Native Protein Conformation Carefully Preserved, Made by European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer



CISSUS® ( Cissus quadrangularis )

A Natural Digestive Enzyme Inhibitor, Block Amylase, Lipase and Glucosidase, Away from Excess Calories, Clinical Trials & Patents Supported

microActive® (Active Type Curcumin)

Micronized Curcuminoids by Unique Water Dispersible Coating Matrix, Excellent Bioavailable, 12+ Hour Long Sustained Release



Earthrise® (Spirulina Powder)

Premium USA Spirulina Cultivated in Clean Environment, Sun Kissed by California Sunshine, High Concentration of Algae Nutrition & Antioxidant Phycocyanin, GRAS, non-GMO Project Verified



KSM-66® (Ashwaandha)

Ayurveda Herbs on Man Power & Libido Enhancement, Full Spectrum Active Ingredient Preserved by Historic Milk Extraction, GRAS, Halal, Kosher, 10+ Clinical Trials Supported



Peptopro® (Casein Hydrolyzed)

Instant Absorbing Protein Powder FASTER than Whey Protein & BCAA, LOW Fat & Carbohydrates



LALMIN® (Natural Vitamins & Minerals)

Natural form Vitamins & Minerals from Brew Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Higher Bioavailable by Bio-Chelated Processed, Better Choice than Synthetic



Slendesta® (Potato PI-2 Protein )

A safe Natural Protein-based Dietary Ingredient, Boosts Satiety, Control Your Greedy



VeggieChito® (Vegan Chitosan)

Fungus Chitosan, Tailed for Vegan, Halal, Kosher or Gluten-Free Consumers, Allergy FREE, Higher Bioavailable than Animal Source, non-GMO, FDA-GRAS Certificated

BerryPedia™ (Berry Powder Cocktail)

Mixture with Enormous Superfruit Berry, Rich in Polyphenol, Flavonoids, Resveratrol, Carotene and Anthocyanins



GreenPedia™ (Vege Powder Cocktail)

Mixture with 10 Selected Alkaline Food, Rich in Detox Ingredients



NP 日比 (Fish Kollagen Peptide)

The Most Trusted JAPAN Collagen with Small Molecular, Low Fish Smell, Great Water Solubility



Rice Kefiran® (L. Kefiranofaciens )

Japan Made Kefiran Ferments (Biogenics/Postbiotics), Rich in Kefiranofaciens, 250 Times Higher than Kefir Milk, Benefited on Longevity



NativAsta™ (Natural Astaxanthin)

100% Natural Form Astaxanthin, Cultivated in Close Bioreactor, No Heavy Metal Contamination, Supercritical Extraction, USDA/ECOCERT, FDA GRAS, EFSA Certificated



Fruitflow® (Water Extract Tomato Extract)

The First European Food Safety Authority-Approved Natural CV Health Ingredient



SPOROS® -SNZ (Bacillus coagulans)

Die Hard Probiotics, Heat Tolerance, Acid Resistance, Long Lasting



CornCera® (Corn Ceramide)

An Essential Water Proof Ingredient, Prevent Excess Water Loss, Synergistic Effect with Collagen & Elastin



Elaskin® (Elastin)

Nordic Made Elastin, The Best Partner with Collagen for Tightening, Firming, and Better Elasticity



L-137® (Biogenics/Postbiotics)

Japan Made Heat Sealed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137, Help to Maintain Microbiota Harmony, Make Probiotics Better & Upgraded Your Probiotics to 3.0



BGN4® & BORI® 專利乳酸菌

BGN4® (bifidum) BORI® (B. longum)

Korean Made Special Stains of Bifidocbacterium with Gastric Acid & Bile Salt Resistance, Supported by Multi-National Patents and Clinical Studies.



專利發酵紅蔘精華 - 珍蔘 Zinseng®


Authentic Korean Made Red Ginseng, Treasure Ginsenoside/Saponin Mass Activated by Unique Deep Fermentation

久司巴西 蔬果發酵物 KushiZyme®

BraziZyme® (Dtox Enzyme)

Japan Made 80+ Phyto-Based Enzymes, 3 Steps Deep Fermentation for 3 YEARS



AlgaDHA® (Algal DHA Oil & Powder)

Ultra-Pure DHA from Cultivated Algal for Infant Food & Special Dietary Use




鼠尾草籽及冷榨油 ( CHIA Seeds 奇異籽、奇亞籽 )




鼠尾草籽及冷榨油 ( CHIA Seeds 奇異籽、奇亞籽 )

Benexia® / ChiALA®

High Quality Chia Seed from Peru, 100% Vegetal, Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free, From Farm to Table European GAP Approved