Core Advantages

Why Chambio?

 Extensive scientific researches, sufficient safety data, and reliable quality assurances established our brand value.

● Proprietary Ingredients
We cooperate with many internationally renowned companies including Kemin, Earthrise, IN ingredient and many others from US, Mitsubishi Corporation and Nabelin from Japan, DSM, Lallemand, Bioiberica and KytoZyme from EU, Bifido from Korea, etc and we represent more than 30 world-class branded bioactive ingredients. The value of these brands are built on extensive scientific researches, sufficient safety data, and reliable quality assurances.
● Product Development
We design unique formulations and cutting-edge products by matching both customer requirements and market trends. Providing customers with quality products is a core belief of Chambio by regard quality as top priority and comply with Taiwan’s food regulatory requirements to develop safe and effective products. We constantly update and ensure the integrity of our technology database to provide our clients with a comprehensive product designs and functional assessments.
● Contract Manufacturing
Our manufacturing partners provide high quality production and a diverse selection of dosage formats to make your product stand out from its peers. The facilities have been certified with ISO, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, and other international quality assurance specifications. Our strict quality control measures have also been widely recognized in the industry.