Premixes ingredients

Customized blends of desired functional ingredients > Superior Products. Chambio offers tailor-made premixing services to ensure convenience and reduce the cost of material preparation, procurement, and storage for our clients, as well as facilitate the marketing process of their products. Chambio’s comprehensive services satisfy the customer's requirements in product development.
We supply following premixes:
  1. Probiotics & Probiogenics
  2. Immune Health
  3. Gastrointestinal improvement
  4. Slim& Fitness
  5. Bone& Joint
  6. Metabolism
  7. Skin& Whitening
  8. Vitality
  9. Ocular improvement
  10. Memory& Sleep
  11. Women's Health
  12. Men's Health
  13. Vitamins& Minerals
  14. Others

 One Source

Chambio is your source for functional ingredient, dietary supplements, nutritional services, and the production of custom premixes and blends. We make product purchasing easy because we can source, service and provide virtually all your ingredient needs.

 Creating Value

We are committed to helping you deliver unique products, develop and expand into new markets, inspire breakthrough innovations, and enhance your sales performance. To ensure the success of the relationship between customer and company, we assign each customer to a team of skilled professionals. The team focuses on value-added services to enhance your results.

 Food Safety

We ensure product performance and safety through clinical trials, reviews of scientific literature, patents, safety data, and more. We own an extensive database in nutraceuticals that provides unparalleled support for product development and marketing for our clients.