New Probiotic World: multiple / instant / amplified

Innovative and Comprehensive probiotic formulas that fulfill different needs . Taking single-ingredient supplement does not generate synergistic effects.
The New Probiotic System is developed on the basis of synergism and complementation, in which 1+1+1>>>3. From this, we have introduced several innovative health concepts including Probiogenics, ProbioHya, ProbioFlex, and omniOligo.
Conventional health practice encourages intake of a single nutrient. However, new research has identified how nutrient consumption impacts our health. Contrary to common belief, which focuses on gaining large amount of specific nutrient from a single food source, recent studies advise obtain adequate nutritional elements from various food sources, as nutrients from different sources support varying bodily functions.
The New Probiotic System delivers optimum synergistic results, giving you extensive, superior, and rapid health benefits.
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