Product Types

 Product Types


Types of tablets
Fast disintegrating tablets, slow-release tablets, double-layer tablets, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, and lozenges.
Specifications and shapes
Diamond-shape, triangular, capsule-shape, oval-shape, double-layer and triple-layer.
  1. Simple and easy to serve, high stability.
  2. Available in a wide variety of shapes.
  3. The most common dosage form for health supplements.


Types of capsules
Animal gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules, soft capsules, liquid capsules, liquid-sealing capsules, and beadlet capsules.
  1. Unique sealing design for complete encapsulation.
  2. Masking unpleasant odor and taste of the ingredients.
  3. Insulation from moisture, oxygen, light and other factors to ensure the stability of active ingredients.
  4. Eliminating the use of excipients.
  5. Rapid dispersion, release, and absorption in intestine.

Powder or Liquid Sachet/Stickpack

  1. Small particle size and large surface area for superior dispersion and absorption.
  2. Faster dissolution and absorption than tablets and capsules.
  3. Suitable for children, elders and those who have difficulties in swallowing solid dosage forms.
  4. Portable.

Functional Drink

  1. High concentration of active ingredients.
  2. The flavors may be adjusted according to the market demands.
  3. The most popular dosage form for skincare supplements.

Functional Jelly & Liquid Cup

  1. Portable, low in calorie.
  2. Good texture and mouth feel.
  3. Different and value-added.

Functional Candy

Types of candies
Crispy jelly candy, jelly candy, hard candy and gummy candy.
  1. Colorful and versatile.
  2. Adding a fun and playful twist to the selection of health products.
  3. Kids favorite.