Kohjin launched its trademark of “OPITAC” in order to enhance its recognition.

Some illegal suppliers use Kohjin’s official document to provide false material in some areas . In order to solve this problem, Kohjin decided to launched its new trademark accompanied with strict authorization of new trademark policy now.

Not only by its trademark , but you can also check its certificate of original. According to Taiwn FDA’s announcement No 10413085 , all food and raw material which are made in Japan, you should enclose its certificate of origin, even though you import them through other countries.

That is why you should have concerns about your Glutathione source without its Official Certificate of origin (included detail manufacturing location in Japan) issued by Japanese Government.

Because only Kohjin’s Glutathione from Torula Yeast is the legal Glutathione ingredient and be approval by Taiwan FDA. Whether Glutathione is from the enzymatic synthesis or from Bakery Yeast, both of their safety data are not approved by Taiwan FDA and can not apply in finished food products in Taiwan.

TFDA approval on Glutathione from torula yeast